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We have 3,000 can-do people who believe in the power of yes. And if you’re blessed with the same drive and initiative, you’ll fit right in. Whatever our customers ask for and whenever they ask for it, we deliver. That goes for the way we treat each other, too.



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No vacancy? No worries! Just send us an application anyways. Were always on the look-out for talented colleagues to strengthen our teams



Our values


We dare to be innovative and take the first step. We are persistent and seek a constructive and open dialogue in our daily work. We challenge each other and constantly seek new opportunities. We embrace change and encourage each other to take responsible action


We create a Solarian culture built on spirit and drive. We acknowledge that our positivity, empathy and respect make us better colleagues. We create an attractive workplace with room for personal and professional development. We value trust and individuality.


We share ideas, knowledge and experiences, because we are stronger together. Teamwork ensures the best use of our competences, and we make an extra effort to reach our goals and improve our ways of working. We bring joy to work and celebrate successes together

Use your potential

If you want to improve your project management skills or would like to develop your managerial skills so that you can achieve excellent business results in your business, or want to develop yourself in the area of responsibility, Solar Business Academy is here to help you achieve your goals by offering the right courses. Based on the strategic goals of Solar.

Smart business

This is our secret to success: Always make the smart choice - in every link of our value chain. We employ only smart people and expect them to make smart choices. Solar Business Academy helps us stay smart and practice business acumen


We value ambition and enthusiasm and we’re probably as ambitious on your behalf as you are. Bluntly put, when you succeed, we succeed. So, we’ve established Solar Business Academy where all Solar employees can add to their skills

Course examples

We offer everything from Group Leadership Programme to Distance & Virtual Leadership. We focus on Sales training as well as E-learning within a variety of areas. No subject is left untouched